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More Than Just Plants


A flying squirrel eating suet in my garden

Gardens are more than just collections of plants. For many creatures they are home.  The massive destruction caused by development is rapidly destroying habitat for many animals we are familiar with such as birds, but also for many more that we don't see. The insects that pollinate flowers and insure our source of foods are in danger.  Loss of habitat and widespread use of pesticides are leading to the eradication of butterflies, honeybees and many other pollinating insects. 
Also in danger are the many soil organisms that keep the soil alive.  Earthworms are the most visible of these, but many microscopic organisms are killed when we use pesticides.
Other layers of the ecological tapestry are also in danger of unraveling.  Predators such as snakes that control rodent poulations and larger predators such as fox continue to loose habitat in the out of control suburbia we create.
All is not lost however-gardeners CAN make a difference! Some things you can do besides planting native species are:
  • Composting
  • Stop using pesticides
  • Create habitat using brush piles
  • Leaving your plant stalks at the end of the growing season until spring
  • Use natural patterns when planting

A mockingbird in the Gardens at Wave Hill, The Bronx

A monarch feeds on nectar from New York Ironweed

A water snake suns itself at Stonecrop Gardens, Cold Spring , NY

The pictures on this page are ones I have taken at different gardens.  I will continue to take and post pictures of garden wildlife here.  Please take the time to look closely at your garden and see the incredible life forms that call it home

Frogs in one of many pools at Stonecrop Gardens

Painted Turtles sunning themselves
at Garden In The Woods, Framingham, MA

Monarchs on Hyssop (Agastache) at Hovey Pond Gardens

One of the "Wild " Parrots of Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

A Western Scrub Jay at the Strybing Arboretum, San Francisco

A Quail in the Australian Plants Garden, Strybing Arboretum