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Walking The Walk

My Commitment to the Environment


The natural environment is under tremendous assault from pollution, urban sprawl and climate change to name a few. I have been committed to protecting and preserving the environment for many years.  I grow native plants, teach people about them and design native plant gardens.   
What can you do to help the environment?
  • Drive a fuel efficient car  Cars are a big contributor of carbon emissions leading to global warming. 
  • Replace all of your lightbulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFL)  If we all did this more than 90 coal or oil burning powerplants could be closed in the United States. Why is this important? Follow the link to read about mountaintop mining to supply coal for electricity
  • Turn things off   small appliances left plugged in use energy, as do computers and televisions-even when turned off. Use power strips with switches and really turn off these appliances when not using them.
  • Get rid of as much of your lawn as you can The fertilizers and pesticides used on lawns are made from petroleum. Your lawnmower in one hour produces more pollution than driving your car several hundred miles simply because small engines have no pollution controls.

All of these things will add up if we all do them!